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We understand that cleaning apartment communities requires a unique approach. For this reason, all we do is Apartment Turnover and Common Area Cleaning.

As the exclusive cleaning contractor for many of the largest property management companies in Michigan, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence that we refuse to dishonor.



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What all is included in your services?
Are your customers locked into a contract?
Are you fully insured?
How do I schedule cleans?
Can you really handle all of my apartment turns without quality suffering?
Can you handle same-day turns?
Do you clean on weekends and holidays?
How will you bill us?
Can you send the same cleaner(s) every time?
What if your cleaners miss something?
What kind of chemicals do you use?
Can you provide MSDS forms?
Do you do carpet cleaning or unit painting?
Are your cleaners employees or subcontractors?

What all is included in your services? top

We’ve developed standard cleaning checklists for apartment cleans and common area cleaning that provides a detailed list of services included in our standard cleaning package. We’ve found that our standard cleaning checklists produce results that far surpass expectations at most properties. “Trash-out” services are not included in our cleaning quotes. If you require a unit to be trashed-out prior to cleaning, please contact your account manager to discuss.

When we do our initial walkthrough of your property, we’ll go over our cleaning checklist with you and, if necessary, modify it to better fit the needs of your community and/or budget. At the end of the day, we do not provide a “one-size-fits-all” service; rather, we stay flexible and offer our customers custom-tailored solutions to meet their particular needs.

Are your customers locked into a contract? >top

No, we do not require any sort of contract, volume commitment, length of service commitment, or exclusivity agreement. For example, some properties have in-house cleaning staff, but call us for overflow on an as-needed basis. Basically, if you’re not happy with our service, there is nothing binding you to Alpine. The only piece of paper we will ask you to sign is our pricing quote to confirm that you have authorized us to provide services on your property at the quoted prices when requested.

Are you fully insured? >top

Yes, we are covered by a $2m aggregate General Liability policy, a $1m Automobile Liability policy, $0.5m Workers Compensation policy, and a $1m Excess/Umbrella Liability policy. Alpine is also already registered with many of the largest vendor compliance companies such as Compliance Depot, Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Pro Compliance, and Kroll. Just let your account manager or our corporate office know how to make out the insurance certificate (Certificate Holder name & address, Additional Insured name(s) & address) and where to send it, and we will send you an insurance certificate and W9 that very day.

How do I schedule cleans? >top

Currently, all scheduling is handled through our corporate office in Grand Blanc.

You can schedule using any of the following methods:
  •  Phone:  810-771-4835
  •  Email:  Scheduling@AlpineFacility.com
  •  Fax:  810-771-4836

For apartment cleans, simply let us know the unit type, unit number, purchase order number (if required), date you would like it cleaned, and any special time constraints. For common area cleaning, we’ll work with you to figure out the best day(s) for service, and we will be there on the same day(s) each week thereafter unless we are told otherwise. No need to call and confirm each week.

Can you really handle all of my apartment turns without quality suffering? >top

Our biggest strength as a company is our ability to attract and retain the best cleaning staff in the industry. Our staff is directly overseen by a team of experienced, hands-on managers and supervisors, working out of three regional offices. Through our regional structure and dedicated cleaning staff, we have the capacity to clean over 150 units a day.

Can you handle same-day turns? >top

While we request that you schedule unit cleans a minimum of one day in advance, many of us at Alpine have a background in property management/maintenance, and we understand that this is not always possible. For this reason, we always try to maintain excess labor capacity to accommodate same-day requests. While we cannot guarantee same-day service, our managers are usually able to “make miracles happen” to help a customer get out of a bind.

Do you clean on weekends and holidays? >top
Weekend Policy: We clean on Saturdays as long as the work is scheduled by 5:00pm on Friday; however, it’s difficult for us to accommodate same-day requests on Saturdays. We will not schedule work on Sundays unless it is an emergency situation.

Holiday Policy: Our offices are closed on the following holidays so that our team can spend time with their families: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

How will you bill us? >top

We submit invoices on the 15th and last day of each month. Each invoice clearly lists unit numbers, unit types, service dates, purchase order numbers (if provided), work descriptions, and prices. Invoices can be mailed, emailed, or faxed, depending on the preferred method of each customer. We work with a number of property management companies that use third-party accounts payables processors, so we are also familiar with uploading invoices to online portals such as Avid Bill and Payables Connect.

Can you send the same cleaner(s) every time? >top

We love to hear positive feedback about individual cleaners; however, it is very difficult logistically to guarantee the same cleaner(s) for every single visit to your property. If you request specific cleaners when scheduling, we will try our hardest to make it happen, but sometimes it’s just not possible. While there are obviously varying levels of experience throughout our staff, we work hard to provide consistent results regardless of who’s cleaning.

What if your cleaners miss something? >top

While we make every effort to exceed your expectations on every single visit, we recognize that we will not always be perfect. If you are not completely satisfied with the service, simply notify the corporate office and/or your regional manager of the issue(s), and we will return to the job and “touch up” our work that day. When you call, please provide a detailed description of what issues need to be addressed so that we can send adequate man-power to resolve the issues immediately.

What kind of chemicals do you use? >top

The short answer… whatever works. We use a wide variety of cleaning products to combat the various forms of grime and buildup we encounter on a daily basis. In late 2010, we began transitioning our window cleaner, degreaser, and bathroom surface cleaner over to environmentally-friendly Sustainable Earth products; however, we still rely on many old-fashioned products simply because there are no effective “green” alternatives yet available. Our cleaning staff is fully trained and equipped with a large assortment of chemicals in order to clean your property in the most efficient way possible.

Can you provide MSDS forms? >top

Yes, upon request we will provide you with MSDS forms for all chemicals that will be used at your property. MSDS forms can be requested from your account manager, your regional manager, or by contacting the corporate office directly.

Do you do carpet cleaning or unit painting? >top

We do not offer carpet cleaning or unit painting services. Our sole focus is on Apartment Turnover and Common Area Cleaning. We provide a unique service that is extremely management-intensive, and we strongly believe that the only way to provide the level of service our customers deserve is to focus all of our attention on cleaning.

Are your cleaners employees or subcontractors? >top

All of our cleaners are company employees that have made it through our rigorous training program and are directly supervised by regional managers and quality control supervisors. We have never used subcontractors or “independent contractors” and do not intend to do so in the future.